Color Primavera P6 Gantt Chart Bars | Activity Codes

My Boss:

“Mr. Planner, I want to see all the change orders on this Gantt chart. It should be of different colored bars from others.”

Actually, a high profile management meeting was scheduled in a few days and he was a bit panic to arrange stuff in that short time.

So, I obliged and hit my head around to Primavera P6 to solve this issue.

All of we know Primavera P6 is not user-friendly but if you know your stuff then it’s the most powerful software around to help you to generate prestigious reports.

Anyways, I came across the solution and will share how did I do that? – Stay tuned

You can download the Files I used from here Primavera P6 Bar Colours

How to Get Colorful Primavera P6 Bar Chart

Although P6 Gantt Chart is quite colorful by default like, For Actuals: Blue Remaining: Green Critical: Red and so on. Sometimes you need to modify these colors for other purposes. Old school boys love to read a plan through a Gantt chart only.

Steps to getting Colorful Bar Chart

Follow the below steps to get a color

Step – 1: See the below snip, on my schedule, there are two change orders (A1130 & A1065). One is a green bar (Remaining) and other is Red (Critical Remaining).

How to get Colors in Primavera P6 - Image 1

Step – 2: Add and apply activity codes to these two. For this Go to Enterprise…..>Activity Codes….> Check Project (You can select any)….>Modify…..>Add….>Name it as Change Order (You can name any like any Contractor or else as per your requirements) ….>Close and new wizard will appear here ….>Add….>Enter Code Value….>Type Description (Any)….>Close See below snip

How to get Colors in Primavera P6 - Image 2

Step – 3: Click on Details….>Codes….> Assign….>Project….>Duoble on Activity (CO) here – See below snip

How to get Colors in Primavera P6 - Image 3

Step – 4: Select the other Change Order/s and apply the activity code and the close.

Step – 5: Now, Go to Bars (Right Click at Gantt Chart)….>Add….>Click on “All Activities” in Filter Section….>Make a Filter for Only Change Order Activities – See the below snip

How to get Colors in Primavera P6 - Image 4

Step – 6: Close everything and you will get clear Change Orders in different colors. Enjoy 🙂

How to get Colors in Primavera P6 - Image 5

Wrap Up

This is not limited to change orders. You can use to filter all the contractor’s schedules for a better view. You can apply filters and can remove by adjusting layouts as per your requirements. Actually, you can apply the way you play with activity codes.

One thing I just need to mention here, use Drop-Up & Drop-Down in Bars section to select any color as per your preferences.

Youtube: You can watch a VIDEO of this procedure here Bar Colors in Primavera P6

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  1. Syed Wasif PMI-PMP,RMP

    May God bless you, this is a kind of charity and you will get the reward for what you are doing.

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  2. Thank you man, much appreciated and really helpful as I’m currently developing an instruction manual for other members of he planning team.
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