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What does PMP stand for? You are here as you just have heard about PMP, or you know a little already but have some questions in mind like who is eligible, what credibility is, and why everybody is rushing around it. Don’t worry; I will cover most of your questions in this read.

Again PMP exam change postponed until 2 January 2021 due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Previously,

PMI has changed dates for the current version of the PMP exam is now 30 June 2020. It means, starting 1 July 2020, the PMP exam will reflect the new exam content.

Previous Announcement by PMI for PMP
PMP exam is about to change as PMI is going to make a release in exam outline in June 2109 and is released.  PMI has already announced that the last day to appear with the current version of the PMP exam is 15-Dec-2019. It changed from process group criteria to domains like people 42%, Process 50% & Business Environment 8%. Then Prometric centers are replaced with Pearson VUE. PMBOK 6 will be the same, even after this change.

Project Management Professional – PMP is a globally recognized certification in project management offered by Project Management Institute – PMI®, a non-profit organization based in the United States.

What is PMP?


What are the Eligibility Criteria for PMP Certification?

I hope you have an idea of what is a PMP Certification and now let’s talk about who can enroll for this certification.

Case – 1 | Degree Holders

PMP Certification requirements are:

  1. A Bachelor Degree – 4 Years
  2. 4500 Working hours on Projects Related Field
  3. 35 Contact Hours – They call it PDUs – Professional Development Units

Case – 2 | Diploma Holders

If you don’t have a degree, don’t worry, you can still appear for PMP Certification, but you need 3000 working hours extra this time. You need 7500 hours of working experience in this case.

How to get PDUs?

If you think that how to get PDUs, you have many options online, offline, and hybrid ways.

Many websites are offering like Udemy, where you can get much cheaper, like in 10$. Pre-loaded videos are available there.

Offline is a bit expensive, from 400$ to 3000$ is the standard fee. In an offline mood, you have to go to class and see the instructor face to face. It would help if you had more time & money.

Hybrid is a mix-up of both a bit online & offline. Here you get online line sessions with instructors and classmates, like Skype and video conferencing tools.

In my opinion, if you are comfortable watching online videos, then go for any online training so that you can cop up with your pace & manage your time efficiently. But some people feel comfortable and better understand when in the classroom.

It’s all your personal choice; PMI has no objection to any method.

How to prepare for PMP?

Well, you are now quite aware of PMP & PDUs kind of stuff. Let’s talk about how you will prepare once you have gone through it.

You have to follow PMBOK – 6 that is known as “Project Management Body of Knowledge.” PMBOK is pronounced as PIMBOK.

All you have to do, understand its tools & techniques – no memorization is required anymore.

Buy some online materials to practice your knowledge, like exam simulators. Once you are confident, schedule your exam.

PMP Application & Audit?

Hang on, before this; you have to fill an online application at the PMI® website online. It is quite simple, but if you feel any difficulty put in the comments, I will personally help you out.

PMI approves PMP application within a week usually. Once approved, you need to submit the exam fee that is 455$ for PMI® members & 555$ for non-members.

Once you pay the fee, PMI® may ask you for an audit (they do for 5% of the applicant); I was not audited and can’t add any value for you here.

What is PMP Exam Pass Rate & Criteria?

PMI never revealed their passing percentage, hence no guess.

Once enrolled, you need to pass an exam in three attempts that year, starting from your PMP application approval date.

If you failed once, you need to submit a 275$ fee to reappear again after a week gap (375$ for non-member). If you failed again the same fee structure, this time a must pass or else you are banned for one year. After one year, a start from zero.

Hence, make sure before filling out the PMP application that you will manage your schedule properly or wait for the right moment.

What is the PMP Exam Format?

PMP exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions – 04 choices normally. You need to complete it all in 4 hours in a go without any break. Yes, you can take a break on your own, but the clock will keep on ticking. Out of 200 questions, 175 are the real test questions, and 25 are pretest questions, but you cannot quickly identify them. These pretest questions will help PMI® before making it live for the next exams.

New Exam Pattern | After Dec 2109

No reference material. You can use only a plain paper sheet & a lead pencil will be provided to you at Pearson VUE now. It changed after Prometric to Pearson VUE. You can find more information here, Pearson VUE.

PMP questions pool is broken down into 3 domains :

  • People 42%
  • Process 50%
  • Business Environment 8%

The new Project Management Professional exam outlines have many tasks under different domains like the old exam. Here, in new, we got the other term called ‘enablers’ in exam content. Let us have a look at these terms if you are still confused or need more clarification from my side;

  • Domain:  We are used to calling it a process group initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling, closing in the old exam. After December 2019,  only three domains will cover the exam outlines: people, process, and business environment. A domain is nothing, but an overall high-level knowledge area must have to practice project management.
  • Tasks: Being a Project Manager, you have responsibilities in your field. The new PMP exam will test your knowledge and experience well before awarding your PMP credentials.
  • Enablers: This can be exhaustive as it is related to examples & demonstrations unless you are good at your job

Old Exam Pattern | Till Dec 2109

Just in case you need to know the old method of the PMP exam. But it is still active.

No reference material. You can use only a plain paper sheet & a lead pencil will be provided to you at the Prometric center.

PMP questions pool is broken down into 5 Process Groups:

  • Initiation – 13%
  • Planning – 24%
  • Executing – 30%
  • Monitoring and Controlling – 25%
  • Closing – 8%

I highly recommend it if you can then appear as soon as possible as the latest material will take time & you have a lot of material already on the current exam outlines.

What is PMP Passing Score?

Passing score is all through an algorithm as if you crack a difficult question; you will get a good score & vice versa. Some people believe 61% is the passing score, but nothing official from PMP.

What is PMP Renewal Cycle?

Once you are PMP certified, you have to complete 60 PDU’s in the next three years. The fee is 60$ for PMI members & 150$ for non-members. If you don’t, then your certification will be expired.

How to get 60 PDU’s for PMP Renewal?

As just renewed my PMP a few days back, and I followed the simple steps;

Step-1: Took PMI membership

Step-1: Log in to https://www.projectmanagement.com/ via PMI membership

Step-3: Visited ‘Webinars’ tab and then clicked ‘On-Demand Webinars.’ There you will see tons of videos.

Step-3: Choose & Watched the videos & PDU’s were automatically claimed & approved – no hassle.

Step-4: Once I completed all the 60 PDU’s then I renew by only 60$ as I was a member of PMI

That’s it. You can get all the PDU’s in 7 days, and these will be approved in a few hours or may take one or two days. You will receive an email from every video you will watch.

Myths about PMP Certification

When I was preparing for my PMP exam & I came to know many myths about it. Let see some of those;

  • PMP certification passing score is 61%.
  • A fixed passing score applies to all candidates.
  • Each question carries equal marks.
  • PMP is only for technical people.
  • One must have experience in all domains mentioned in the PMP exam outlines.
  • PMP Certification is not for Graduates only.
  • One should memorize the mathematical formulas for the PMP Exam.
  • PMP exam is very tough to clear on the first attempt.

Wrap Up

PMI always updates its exam pattern by updating the Exam outlines or releasing a new version of PMBOK. This time it is exam outlines, not the PMBOK. PMBOK 6 is still valid and hopefully will remain until 2 more years.

I hope I have answered all the related queries about PMP. If you still need to know more about PMP, please use the comment section, and I will be pleased to answer your question. You can also see the below FAQ.

Note: Before you leave to make sure to grab a PMBOK 6 based latest copy about Introduction to Project Documents – PMBOK 6


Question – 1: What is a PMP Certification?

Answer: PMP – Project Management Professional is a standardized certification from PMI- Project Management Institute, USA. This certification is a test of any individual in the field of project management. Significant areas that PMI covers in the skill and competency required to lead a project.

Question – 2: What is the Cost of PMP Certification?

Answer: PMP Certification Cost is 455$ for a PMI member, and 555$ is for a non-PMI member. 275$ is for the reappearing fee for a PMI member  & 375$ is for a non-PMI member to reappear in the exam if failed. PMI membership fee is 139$.

Question – 3: How many times can I appear in the exam?

Answer: Once PMI approves your application, then you have one year to clear the exam. You can take the exam a maximum of three times, or else you will get banned for one year. After that, you have to start the process from scratch.

Question – 4: How to get Project Management Certification?

Answer: As explained above in detail about PMI-PMP, you should have the required qualification and experience to appear in the PMP exam. In the same way, you can go for CAPM and Prinace2.

Question – 5: If I get the application approved and don’t appear in the exam?

Answer: You have one year to appear and clear the exam or ban for one year to appear in the PMP exam.

Question – 6: When is the audit from PMI?

Answer: PMI audits for around 5% of applicants around the globe randomly. Once you pay the PMP exam fee, you may be asked for an audit; you are good to go for the exam.

Question – 7: How long my 35 PDU’s are valid?

Answer: These are valid until you failed to pass the exam in a year once your application is approved. If you have never appeared in the exam, then it will stay valid forever.

Question – 8: What is a PMP test is all about?

Answer: The PMI PMP exam consists of 200 questions. These questions are of multiple choice. Each item has four options, near all true. You have to select the best of the best. The problem is related to Project Management. PMBOK, Project Management Body of Knowledge, is referred to as a textbook for this exam.

Question – 9: Is PMP certification online or Offline?

Answer: Exam is an online server-based and offline paper-based also in a Prometric center. PMP certification training is online, offline, or hybrid based on your choice.

Question – 10: What is the new change in the PMP exam?

Answer: As we have already discussed above, you can get the latest exam material. PMP Change 2019

Question – 11: Why does PMI decide to change PMP outline?

Answer: PMI believes in the continual improvement of the project managers through the latest knowledge & skills. This helps the PMP credentials to sustain worth.

Question – 12: New PMP outlines are tough or easy?

Answer: It will be tough as it will be hard to get an authentic guideline and study materials like simulators to practice on. Otherwise, there is no need to worry about PMP always about your practical experience.


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