What is Project Management

Project management is how you apply the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to get the project done according to the requirement.

Where a project is a temporary one time performed endeavor that has a definite start and end—for example, construction of a Dam, a bridge, etc. You build a particular dam one time. The rest is just maintenance.

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Evolution of Project Management

Project management history can be divided into two categories;

Old History of Project Management

Today we cannot understand how the Pyramids of Egypt around were built 2500 BC, and the same is the case for the Great Wall of China established in 208 BC. But historical data shows that these megaprojects were done through sheer project management. You can name those organizers as managers, soldiers, and the labor as criminals and slaves.

Modern History of Project Management

The 19th century is considered the birth of modern project management as we recognize it today. Let us see a brief recent history.

1911: Frederic Taylor published The Principle of Scientific Management to organize the steel industry worker.

1917: Henry Gantt introduced the Gantt Chart, and they consider him as the father of modern project management

1956: The American Association of Cost Engineers now, AACE International was found.

1957: Dupont developed the Critical Path Technique

1958: US navy developed PERT – Program Evaluation Review Technique

1962: Defense department developed Work Breakdown Structure

1965: The International Project Management Association – IPMA was found

1969: Project Management Institute – PMI was established

1984: Goldratt developed the theory of Constraints

1986: Scrum joined the Project Management style

1989: The UK government introduced Projects In Controlled Environments (PRINCE)

1997: Critical Chain Project Management

2001: Agile Manifesto was introduced

Let me see what more to come. Nowadays, everybody is rushing behind Agile, scrum, lean project management techniques. But typical “waterfall” is always in the house.

Project Management Topics

Here, in this blog, I am going to cover the following topics in details

Who Manages the Project? | Project Manager

A project manager is a person who has the project charter and accountable for managing the project throughout its life cycle.

A project manager is a qualified person. Usually, a PMP certified and job revolves around meeting stakeholders’ expectations. A PM is a leader, mentor, juggler, communicator, etc.

Project success or failure factors – Project Success

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How to Become a Project Manager

There are two ways by

  • Qualification
  • Experience.

You can read a complete article on it here How to Become a Project Manager & Project Management Courses

Project Manager Interview Questions

The role of the project defines a project manager’s job description. To hire a project manager, use my guide to take an interview.

Guide: Project Management Interview Questions

Project Charter

A project charter is not only a document that is authorized by the sponsor to the project manager.

A project charter contains brief but very vital information about the project.

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Agile Management

The agile Manifesto was introduced in 2001. This is the latest addition to Project Management. It revolves around adaptation. As the world is changing rapidly and hence its introduction was due. But it does not mean that the traditional Project management is outdated. Agile is just an extra value to the basic concept of project management.

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To be Continued!

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