Gantt Chart Importance

A Gantt chart is also known as bar chart represents a project plan by making each task into a bar and putting those bars into a time schedule.

We can define a Gantt Chart as a bar chart that helps to understand through, a monitor, and track project progress in terms of activities on the Y-axis & durations at the X-axis.

Some people also refer a Gantt chart as Activity Chart & some even call it a Milestone chart!

I will provide you Gantt chart excel templates also so that you can practice on and also will discuss how to make a Gantt chart in excel.

You can get an MS Excel template from here Gantt Chart Download

Brief History of Gantt Charts

As the name suggests that it might be the sole work of Mr. Henry Gantt, but we have some fascinating history and a lesson learned.

 Gantt Chart was introduced by Henry Gantt? – No! 

This Chart tool was first developed Karol Adamiecki in 1896, he called it as harmonogram. But he did not publish but later on, he did in 1931 but in Polish language & hence could not get adoption and due recognition.

Then again in 1912, Hermann Schürch while discussing a construction project published in Germany but these charts were without interdependencies, and although this type of work was common in Germany back then.

Henry Gantt (1861–1919), who designed his chart around the years 1910–1915. These are now considered the most powerful planning and tracking tool of a project. That is why this chart is called henry Gantt after his name. (

The Gantt chart we see and use today was improved along with task dependencies by Wallace ClarkHe used to work in Henry’s firm and was considered as Henry Gantt’s disciple.

The lesson learned is that if you got a great idea then make sure to publish it immediately and in English! (Respect for all other languages but English is a global language)

How to create a Gantt Chart

Gantt charts can be created on a number of software nowadays. Some are simple others are fancy. But the main purpose of a Gantt chart to display the information of a Project in a visual manner.

Information on a Gantt Chart

Let us discuss a simple Gantt chart example as you can see below;

  • Activities or Tasks
  • Milestones
  • Time Frame
  • Data Date
  • Actual Progress
  • Activities Relationship or Inter-dependencies
  • Legends

best gantt chart template

Here, you can see activities are plotted and Y-axis and following the time as per dependencies pattern.

We also call it a Milestone Chart as sometimes we only display Milestones to report to top management for any big project. A milestone report is a top-level report that will display the Milestones to be achieved with time. Although a milestone is an event with a zero duration still it will show on a different period of time.

How to Make a Gantt Chart in Excel

Below is a real-life chart so to Draw on MS Excel, you need to have;

  • Project ID
  • Activities/Tasks
  • Time Duration of Each Task
  • Activities Relationships
  • Milestones
  • Progress of Each activity (If available)

Real Life Project Gantt Chart on MS Excel

Once we have all this information, then we will put all the activities as per order and also we will define activities ID.

You can download from here, Gantt Chart Template in Excel

Gantt Chart by Scheduling Sofware

The best is to use the right tools for the right work. Scheduling software companies have done tremendous jobs by developing these Gantt Charts automatically. this makes life easier for us.

Primavera P6 is a powerful scheduling software and Gantt Charts are built in there. All you have to do it to put the activities and task and the bars will appear automatically.Best Gantt Chart on Primavera P6

Same you can do in Microsoft Project. Asta Power Project. In MS Word and MS PowerPoint to get a Gantt Chart you have to do all the functions manually or try online sources.

I highly recommend you to use attached MS excel templates if you are not good or don’t have access to planning and scheduling software like Primavera P6, MS Project, Asta poerproject, Tilos, etc.

A Gantt Chart drawn by these tools can give you better clarity as it shows;

Application of Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts are very simple to understand and anybody can understand in a glance that what is ongoing. I can say it is the simplest of the reporting documents that can be one for all stakeholders. Industries, firms, organizations make sure to use Gantt charts for their scheduled tasks. Gantt charts being used in project management, Information Technology and RnD teams, Marketing, Engineering, manufacturing process. I was first introduced to Gantt Charts in our Obeya Meeting – Terrible Introduction was that in a process industry!

Gantt Chart DisAdvantages

Gantt charts is a blessing and one of the best tool for planning, controlling, and the most important for reporting. This helps as a message on board, to-do list but in wider scenarios it ;

  • Promotes transparency among stakeholders
  • Gives a clear picture of the current situation of project or projects
  • Improves communication among the stakeholders
  • Helps a project manager to improve his/her Manageability, Flexibility, Creativity, Time Management
  • Helps to understand and to avoid resource overload
  • Helpful to measure the progress of projects
  • helps to fast track or crash the project
  • Creates a sense of accountability
  • Boosts flexibility
  • Helps team Coordination and ultimately the motivation

Gantt Chart Advantages

To be honest, I don’t see any disadvantage of using a Gantt Chart but for the sake of understanding will list some and discuss, You are requested to share your thoughts in the comments;

  • To create a Gantt Chart you need a skilled person
  • To create a Gantt Chart you need a Software as it draws a complex chart on a paper that will be tough to handle. simple ideas we draw on paper first.
  • You need to update these charts periodically. Daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Wrap Up

No one can deny the importance of Gantt Charts once you are familiar with the importance. These are highly used in Project Management. It helps to save time through better communication among the stakeholder. A tool is just useless if you don’t know how to use it properly.

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