Primavera P6 to MS Excel, Manpower Histogram and Plans in Excel – Templates

How to get Primavera P6 to Excel as It is? | WBS Levels Colors | Video Explanation

It is a very common question, planners/schedulers used to convert P6 to PDF & then PDF to excel but it is all messy. Here, I will show you how to do it in a clean & effective way.

I have included one column at the extreme right of the excel sheet. Normally you need to keep it hidden. It uses the Trim & Length formula with a bit of customization. The idea is to calculate the Trim values & then put conditional formatting to make the color as per your convenience.

Here is the formula: =IF(C2=””,0.5*(LEN(B2)-LEN(TRIM(B2))),0)

I have applied all up-to 4000 rows. But if you need more just drag it to that level – This will take its values from Activity ID’s only.

You need to open Primavera P6…..> Click on any activity then select all (Ctrl+A) & the Ctrl+C. Now paste it on excel by putting the courser at “Activity ID” box.

Note: You can watch video explanation here  Primavera P6 to MS Excel 

Here is the MS Excel Sheet for Primavera P6 to Excel – WBS Layout colorwise

Primavera P6 to MS Excel

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