Primavera P6 Download & Install

To download and install Primavera P6 was never been so easy. It is a Primavera P6 needs a database in the backend. Believe me, it is just a walk-in park. We will download a full free of Primavera P6.

All you have to do,

  • Make an account at Oracle Delivery Cloud
  • Chose & Download the Required Latest Version
  • Install the software by Accepting Terms and Restrictions

In the coming sections, I will show you how to do it in pictorial explanation. Stay tuned & go along.

How to Download Primavera P6

Follow the below steps to get a free copy of Primavera P6;

Get an Oracle Account

First of all, you need to visit the Oracle corporation official website and make a new account if you have not registered already by visiting this link – Oracle Delivery Cloud

Go to Oracle Delivery Cloud to get a free copy of Primavera P6

  • Sign in if you already have an account or you can register as a new user if you don’t have already.
  • Once you click on “New User? Register Here”, then you will be asked some basic information like;
  • Email Address,  Job Title, Company Name, Address.
  • Once you go through all the process a confirmation email will be sent to you and you are good to go now.

Download the Required Package

Once you sign into Oracle Delivery Cloud you will see the below screen. you have to make selections as in below;

  • Select Download Package
  • Search for Primavera P6 Professional Project Management
  • Now add to cart the  DLP: Primavera P6 Professional Project Management

At Oracle Download Section Chose a Download Package

  • Now, go to the cart and click at view and checkout. You can also give your feedback there about your experience at the website.

Click on a view cart and check out

  • Read the ‘Oracle Standard Terms and Restrictions’
  • Now click on I accept the terms in the license agreement
  • Click Continue if you agree

Save Continue after see the software selections area

  • Click Download and save to any appropriate position at your computer/laptop.

Click download Button

You can choose files to download or you can download all in one time. Make sure to download these two files one by one. All you have to do is to click on the link and it will start to download automatically.

  • V978868-01.zipPrimavera P6 Professional Applications 18, 169.5 MB
  • V978867-01.zipPrimavera P6 Professional Documentation 18, 61.4 KB

Congrats, you got the latest copy of Primavera P6. Now the next we will see how to install on Microsoft Windows machine.

How to Install Primavera P6

Installations of Primavera P6 was a major issue previously but not nowadays as the Oracle software is updated and compatible with many of operating systems.

Just follow the below steps once you have your downloaded files at your machine.

  • Locate the files in your system and unzip with the help of Winrar, Winzip or any extractor available. Locate the files in your computer
  • Now you will see the below files and Click on Setup to install

Extract the zip files with winzip or winrar

  • Chose Typical, you can go for advance

Select typical

  • Click on Install

Click Install

Database Configuration

  • Check the Run Database Configuration

Select Run Data base Configuration-min

  • Here, I will choose Oracle, you can go for Microsoft SQL, etc.

From Drive type select oracle

  • Here, we will add a Standalone Database

Add new stand alone setup-min

  • Define your Login details, you can use any name and password. but for the time being, I will use admin/admin. The base currency you can change.

Put Admin Admin everywhere-min

  • Select the appropriate location for your database. Make sure don’t put in C drive or where is the operating system as this is very important files and maybe gone if there is an issue with the operating system.

Select the place where you want to put the database

  • Click ‘Finish’ and you are done.

Connection is successful and you have successfully installed the Primavera P6


Congratulations, you are done with installation.

If you find any confusion then you can find all this from below video. Or you can comment below I am glad to help you.

Video Illustration

You can see all this procedure from Primavera P6 Download Free 

FAQ’s About Primavera P6

Question: Is this Software Free for Life Time?

Answer: No, as per Terms & Restrictions from Oracle you are obliged to purchase it after one month (30 days maximum). Although you will not receive any notification and software will not stop working.

Question: Why we call it as a Student Version?

Answer: Becuase if you are an instructor then you can get this one to train for your students for 30 days free of charge.

Question: Is this Software Free for Life Time?

Answer: No, as per Terms & Restrictions from Oracle you are obliged to purchase it after one month (30 days maximum). Although you will not receive any notification and software will not stop working. Primavera P6 tutorials if practised on software live then it will be a great help to them.

Question: What is the Price of Primavera P6?

Answer: Oracle has different editions of primavera P6 like Primavera P6 Professional, EPPm, Primavera for contractors and also it depends on which version you choose like nowadays version 18.0 is the latest one. Primavera for contractors is of the lowest price.

Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management is for 2700 $

& Primavera P6 Professional Project Management is for 500 $ to 750$

You visit their official site for more details on it Primavera P6 Price List

Question: From where I can get Primavera P6 for free Download Trial Version?

Answer: As I have explained above its free and no need any primavera crack or primavera p6 patch. It free, full and legal.

Question: From where I can get Primavera P6 Training?

Answer: Go to Youtube, then and after that enrol in any available online or offline primavera p6 training if required.

Question: Can I use MS Project on my Projects instead of Primavera P6?

Answer: There is no compulsion to use Primavera P6 on every project. Some people use MS Project, others prefer Asta Powerproject, some Tilos for linear projects. But I can say Primavera P6 is the most powerful and commonly used one.

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