3 Important Skills of Project Managers

Since a project manager needs to manage the entire project management team and make the project successful while taking care of the interests of all the key stakeholders as well so a project manager ideally should possess the following skills.
But as it is obvious that it is very hard to be good at all those areas and, remember, I used the word “Ideally”!! didn’t I????. Well, let’s cut a long story short and understand that the project manager should have the right mix of skills to meet the demands of the different projects he/she is working on. Remember that a set of combinations of skills required for a project manager to be successful in a particular plan will vary depending on the kind of size and nature of the project we are talking about. Let me make it simple by giving you an example here: If the project is quite large, then the technical Knowledge is less important! (It’s Important but Less important)  than the other skills.

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Project and Business Management

It includes project management skills like MS Office, Primavera P6 and MS Projects, etc.…  Business Management Skills like Budgeting, Finance, Procurement, Organizational skills, Team management, and Training, etc..

Technical Knowledge

Yes, technical Knowledge in your respective fields is it IT or construction or whatever is necessary and lets you understand the technical requirement and solve the technical issues in a better manner. if you have good enough technical Knowledge and can lead by example, then you might get more creditability. It even helps you in better estimation and better project planning.

Leadership and Communication

To me, these are two of the most important skills in project management and include:
-Written and oral communication skills – Being a good listener, leading by example, problem-solving etc.etc.

Way Forward

The juggling of these skills is the key to any successful manager. Try to develop as soon as you are interested in pursuing as a project manager.

As usual, the readers are invited to comment with the other skills they might feel are very important for a project manager but I have not mentioned/included in the list.

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