What is Primavera P6 | Applications and Benefits

Primavera P6 is arguably the most powerful project management software. The name P6 was retained after the most significant update of Primavera P6. Although to date 18th version is released the P6 is retained as the suffix. Primavera P6 can handle complex, highly supplicated and large-scale projects efficiently. Primavera P6 can handle 100,000 activities with unlimited resources and an unlimited number of target plans.

Primavera 6 history from 1983 to 2008 and after

Interesting History of Primavera Software

Back in 1996, a New York based small firm called Eagle Ray Software Systems was successfully come up with a real enterprise project management software solution. The software made by this firm had a look like Primavera Systems Inc.’s P3 which was launched in 1983 already. And soon after in 1999, Eagle Ray Software Systems was acquired by Primavera Systems Inc. This software was relaunched as P3/e.

Then in 2002, web-based Enterprise software solution was in demand and Primavera Systems Inc. wasted no time and released a web-based enterprise software in 2002.

After that Primavera P6 was released in 2007, version 7 & 8 were released but P6 name was retained.

In 2008, Oracle Corporation acquired Primavera Inc.

XER is the most common Primavera export format and is a tribute to Eagle Ray – eXport Eagle Ray

Primavera name was retained to tribute Primavera Inc.

Different Applications of Primavera P6

Oracle Corporation then keep on improving the system later on and nowadays, we have following the major application

  • Professional Project Management
  • Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
  • Primavera Contractor

Briefly, Professional Project Management – PPM, requires to be installed on the individual machine you need to use one. It can handle up to 100,000 activities. Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management – EPPM is a web-based and not require any installation just an internet connection is required. Primavera Contractor is the most economical version to compete for the lower value software like Microsoft Project, it can handle up to 2000 activities.

Benefits of Primavera P6 Software in Project Management

Advantages of the Primavera P6 Software

Here, I have described a few major benefits to have a powerful tool like it. It will act like your the most vigilant member in the team.

Reduces Risks for Cost & Schedule Overrun

This planning and scheduling software helps to better control on the project activities. It helps to analyze the key factors for cost and schedule overrun efficiently. Thus, it helps to mitigate such risks.

Optimizes Management of all Resources

Resources are the major constraint in any field. Oracle Primavera P6 helps to solve this issue by clearly notifying the issues related t resources and later helps to solve it easily.

Clear Visibility of Project Scenarios

It is a powerful reporting tool as well. Proper reporting helps the project team to understand what is missed and what is coming. Thus, a team has a vigilant colleague already.

Forecasts Project Needs

This proactive team member always comes up with future predictions according to updates and actual on the project. These forecasts help the team to better plan or revise things to get done in proper manners. The network diagrams connecting all the activities made by Primavera P6 automatically during the planning process will help to understand all this.

Better Stakeholders Communication

It helps to put all the team members on the same page as it generates clear reports. Thus, improves communication among all the players. No matter where the member is located geographically.

Collaborates between all Users

As all the users are clearly communicated already and hence they can collaborate to show better results.

The Most Powerful Planning Tool

As already stated, it can handle 100,000 activities with unlimited resources, this makes Primavera P6 a monster with respect to Microsoft Project, Asta Power Projects, Tilos and others in the market.

Handles Complex Projects

No matter how complex, sophisticated projects are it will never disappoint you.

Primavera P6 Version History since 1983

Different Versions Primavera P6

Oracle corporations acquired Primavera Inc. but kept the product name as it is. It has released many versions since 1983.

Since 1983 to 2004, Primavera used P3 suffix for all kind of releases like P3 version 1.0, P3 version 3.0, etc. but this suffix changed to P6 to avoid confusion among P3, SureTrak, and the Primavera.

A major release is made in the year 2005 when Oracle released version 5 but the most significant release was done in 2007 after merging Primavera Inc. This release is known as Primavera P6.

Later in 2007,  Primavera P6 version 7 (The suffix P6 remained the same), Version 8 was released in 2011 and in subsequent years 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4 were released.

Primavera P6 version 15.1 & 15.2 were released in 2015, 16.1 & 16.2 in 2016, 17.7 & 17.2 in 2017.

The latest version till to date is 18.8 and it was released in August 2018.  I am writing this blog in April 2019 and hence only one version was released in the year 2018.

Expecting a release in 2019 as per the above sequence.

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